If you are a new artist trying to get your music heard you are probably putting your tunes on every stream possible. SoundCloud being one of the best ways to be heard, especially for new electronic or hip-hop artists. In the beginning gaining traffic can be very difficult which leads us to find ways of getting our music in front of more listeners while at the same time sending traffic to our own channels and social media pages. One great way of doing this is targeting through SoundCloud and Youtube promotional channels. They are literally everywhere. Some of them have large, loyal fanbases with loads of credibility that goes up with every track upload like MrSuicideSheep, Proximity, Chill Your Mind and many more. There are also thousands of channels on both SoundCloud and YouTube that seem to have a huge following and promise promotion at a small fee and deliver next to nothing when the deal is complete. Now I am not saying they don’t repost your music or communicate with you. What I am saying is the channels are grown through bots and fake subscribers/followers and branded to look successful. The repost to SoundCloud or Upload to YouTube from one of these zero activity channels only proves to decrease your bank funds and gain no more traffic than the original post. Here is a list of ways to tell if the channel is a scam:

  • First and foremost, the big labels/channels with the most credibility and loyal targeted fanbases will never ask for a fee to repost or upload. They are extremely picky and will not upload from just any genre even if what you sent them is quality content. Most channels with botted followers charge a small fee for a repost or upload, the legit channels never do.
  • Don’t just look at the tracks in the spotlight. Look at the tracks posts below from days to weeks ago. If they are just posting any track from absolutely any genre and none of these tracks have traffic then this is a scam
  • Look at the ratio of views, to likes, to comments. For example if there is 100,000 plays on a song and 10 comments and 100 likes then these are botted plays. Or if the channel shows that they have 200,000 subscribers and every single one of there recent uploads has no surge of traffic, then these are channels with botted followers.

I hope this will help save some new music artists out there some time and money when finding ways of promoting your awesome new music.

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